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A well-established boutique tutoring service in the UK, and well respected among the most distinguished international families, Bonas MacFarlane takes a very direct and involved interest in our clients and their children. Our management team is composed of full time educationalists, including highly distinguished teachers, tutors and assessors. All were educated at some of the best private and boarding schools and universities in the world, including Harrow, Eton, Stowe, Westminster, Thomas's Battersea, Edinburgh University and Oxford. Leveraging this experience and our commitment to education, we have strong, discrete relationships with our clients. Some have been with us for twenty years and we are now helping a second generation of client families. We are well positioned to provide clients in Dubai and the UAE exceptional individualized results-driven service.

As the UK's leading tutoring company across all age groups, Bonas MacFarlane has broad experience with children of all ages and key stages, ranging from 4 years of age to university level. In addition to providing customized tuition and revision, entrance exam preparation, and long term mentoring, we have extensive expertise in assisting students with special educational needs. Our tutors undergo a rigorous selection and training process to ensure the best possible match for our clients and families. 

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Nov 2022

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Room 121, Block 2B, Dubai

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