Cobham Hall School

Cobham Hall, Cobham, Gravesend, DA12 3BL


Cobham Hall is the only independent Round Square Boarding and Day School for girls in the United Kingdom. We have approximately 180 girls, currently representing some 25 nationalities across the world.


By offering a caring environment and an inclusive spirit, and encouraging girls to challenge themselves – both their abilities and their perceptions – and by their taking part in everything Cobham Hall has to offer, students discover more about themselves. In turn, girls excel academically and leave us fully prepared for the path they have chosen.


Girls acquire the knowledge they need to pass examinations, but also learn the skills needed to apply, assess, evaluate, use, re-evaluate, and develop that knowledge as they journey through life, enabling them to thrive after school and beyond in a world that constantly changes.


We believe it is the combination of five key reasons that result in each girl achieving more than they themselves believed possible:


1. Focus on the Individual: We believe in educating the individual. Being a small school allows us to be aware of each pupil’s talents, strengths and potential, and we aim to encourage every girl to develop all aspects of their character. Girls have the attention they need academically, allowing each to be challenged both inside and outside of the classroom, to push herself beyond her own personal comfort zone. They also get the support they need pastorally; our supportive environment means girls have the confidence to put themselves forward, to take a chance, to not stand back and watch others but to get involved, and – just as crucially – pick themselves up if things don’t go as planned.


We offer a wide range of subject options at GCSE and A Level, allowing us to have flexibility to tailor programmes of study to cater for individual needs and interests. We also offer a one-year GCSE/IGCSE course, a Short Stay/Pre-A Level Course and an Intensive English Language Support Programme.


2. Challenge and Opportunity: We aim to provide, and encourage girls to take, as many opportunities as possible.


Our strong Extra-Curricular Programme offers a range of activities that provide the girls with the opportunity to have fun as well as develop or learn new skills. In addition, girls also have the opportunity to take Voice, Drama and Communication lessons, leading to LAMDA qualifications in Performing Arts and Communication. We also offer The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, encouraged throughout the School, where the majority of students in Year 9 complete the first stage Bronze Award.


As a Round Square school, girls have the opportunity to attend regional and international conferences, apply for exchanges to any fellow Round Square school across six continents, or join an International Service Project, enabling them to sample other cultures. Make a difference and encounter unique experiences.


All of these extra opportunities are in addition to those that are part of the day-to-day fabric of Cobham Hall, from adventure afternoons, through positions of leadership, to an array of service activities. Each opportunity provides unique chances to challenge girls to discover more about themselves and others.


3. Pastoral Care and Wellbeing: We believe it is our role to look after not just our students’ academic education, but support and nurture the development of the whole person. Our pro-active approach to Pastoral Care means that by looking after students’ emotional and physical wellbeing, they feel happy, confident and secure in their environment, and so are more willing to push themselves, try new things and, as a result, flourish academically.


As a Boarding and Day School, we offer the ultimate flexibility for families, with Day Girls welcome to come in early for breakfast, or stay late for supper, all at no extra cost.


4. Diversity: We celebrate diversity in all its forms, from the many different nationalities, backgrounds, abilities, and talents that make up our student body, to the numerous and varied opportunities provided to develop and challenge our girls. With an integrated approach, our diversity of education – academic and pastoral, inside and outside the classroom, the make-up of the student body – work together to develop valuable life skills such as confidence, consideration, resilience, perseverance, tolerance, communication, teamwork and so much more.


5. Inspirational Setting: Situated on the edge of the Kent Downs, the School is based in an impressive 16th Century Manor House nestled in 150 acres of historic parkland; an idyllic rural setting, yet with excellent transport links to all London Airports, International Railway Stations and Coastal Ports. Our environment, from the natural to the man-made, all work together to provide inspiration for the creative, space for the active, peace for the tranquil, and raw data for the scientist. All in a convenient location for practical transfers at the beginning and end of school holidays, and for exciting outings for Boarders of an evening or at the weekend.

Senior School, Sixth Form


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Cobham Hall, Cobham, Gravesend, DA12 3BL

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Ms Maggie Roberts
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£5365 to £10,210
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