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Minerva’s Virtual Academy is built upon four “pillars”: Virtual Learning Platform, Mentoring, Collaborative Learning and Community. These allow our school to deliver an outstanding, all-round education to our pupils whilst equipping them with the skills they need to thrive in the modern world; all in a safe, online environment where each pupil is supported, encouraged and can make life-long friends.


  1. Virtual Learning Platform

Our revolutionary virtual learning platform allows pupils to work at their own pace, on their own schedule, and fosters the development of self-study skills, self-sufficiency and accountability. Pupils work through the GCSE syllabus via an interactive mixture of video, audio, text, and discussion-based learning materials. They take quizzes and are prompted to reflect and revise before taking tests to determine if they have learned enough to move onto the next section.


  1. Mentoring

Every pupil is assigned a mentor to help bring out the best in them. A true ally on the pupil’s educational journey, the mentor meets with each pupil regularly and can be contacted at any time via email or chat. It is the mentor’s job to oversee all aspects of the pupil’s progress, including their academics, self-study schedule, pastoral wellbeing and general involvement in school life. Our mentors are highly trained and experienced in working with children from all academic backgrounds and learning abilities.


  1. Community

Weekly Assemblies
Each week we bring the whole school together to celebrate successes, share stories and reflect on important values for life.

Wellbeing Programme
These uplifting weekly sessions help pupils understand themselves, develop resilience, become mindful, and discuss issues that may be affecting them, all aimed at helping them to make great choices in life.

Every pupil joins at least one after school club. Many join more. From Art to Film Production, Book Club to Debating and Creative Computing, there is something for everyone.

Guest Speakers
Pupils and parents alike are invited to attend termly virtual talks by inspirational speakers.

Optional “In-person” Meetups
Periodic days out for the entire school community - an opportunity to develop the friendships built through group learning and clubs, in person!


  1. Collaborative Learning

Group Subject Lessons
As determined by their weekly timetable, pupils attend regular live subject lessons for the subjects they are taking, for which they do preparatory work. Each lesson is run by a highly experienced subject teacher who helps pupils to deepen and apply their learning. Pupils also work collaboratively with other pupils in the class.

“World Changer” Projects
This unique co-curricular learning programme, run termly, is led by tutors with special interests and experience, or external organisations such as the International Space School Education Trust (affiliated with NASA). These projects, which look at some of the most urgent issues facing our planet today, have an incredible impact on our pupils’ futures, not to mention being hugely enjoyable!

What GCSE subjects do you teach?
There are SIX core subjects for Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils at Minerva's Virtual Academy. They are Maths, English Literature, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

Pupils can also take up to three additional GCSEs, choosing from Business Studies. Geography, History, Computer Science, Psychology, French and Spanish, Art and Music.

What exam boards do you follow?
We follow the IGCSE exam board, set by Cambridge Assessment and Pearson Edexcel. IGCSEs are becoming one of the most popular exam boards in the UK. You do not have to be a British National, nor reside in the UK, to achieve these qualifications.

Is it possible to study subjects that aren’t on the list?
Private tuition can be arranged for any pupils who wish to take extra subjects or need extra help with subjects they find challenging.

What A Level subjects do you teach?
Our A Level programme begins in September 2022. Enquiries are welcome.

How are the subjects taught?
Subjects are taught through a mixture of live group lessons with other pupils and a teacher, and self-learning through our Virtual Learning Platform. Pupils work through most of the material on their own, but are also supported by a personal mentor, who ensures they stay on track and remain motivated. 

What about exams?
Pupils sit exams at our partner exam centres, usually near to the pupil’s home, and receive official results just like at "normal" school.

How does Mentoring work?
Mentoring represents the cornerstone of the Academy's philosophy and the main reason why our pupils are able to develop and flourish into confident young members of society. No other school (online or traditional!) provides the kind of dedicated one-to-one academic mentoring that we do. Our mentors are there to make sure your child stays inspired and on track.

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