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Teenage anxiety is more prevalent than ever. So what are schools doing to identify, combat and remedy the worrying trend?


Max GirardeauMax is co-founder of The Visionaries, an extra-curricular programme enhancing how secondary schools support adolescents into adulthood through wellbeing, leadership and nature connection. Max has a wealth of experience in character education, and supporting schools to develop transformative educational programmes using nature-based learning experiences in Snowdonia, the Lake District and Scottish Highlands.

He runs the Forest Family Camp, helping families with young children to connect with nature, to live more sustainable and explore living in community. He has a background in youth work, working with the National Citizen Service, and has trained in wilderness rites of passage with the School of Lost Borders.

Nikki LevitanIn 2019 Nikki Levitan co-founded The Visionaries - an organisation dedicated to wilderness-based rite of passage programmes for schools.

Nikki is an empowerment coach, wellbeing practitioner and a community builder.

Nikki is an emotional wellbeing practitioner for a secondary school, as well as a consultant for many schools helping to make wellbeing a priority. She supports students, staff and parents both at grassroots and whole school approach level to weave wellbeing into the existing fabric of the school.

A former youth worker and social justice activist. She has a passion for working with young people through one to one coaching and teaching wellbeing, leadership and positive psychology. She supports young people to self-discover through identifying their driving values and character strengths, then creates platforms where they can put their purpose into action within their wider communities.

Nikki is the founder of Community of Opportunity, a project committed to building a community of changemakers through creating platforms for transformation, wellbeing and self-discovery.