The digital world plays a fundamental part in the process of growing up today. Whether it's computers, phones, television or even digital advertisements in the world around us, there's no avoiding the effects that digital media currently has on younger generations. This talk will examine those effects, looking at both the negatives and the positives.


Marina 07342

Marina Gardiner-Legge, Headmistress, Heathfield School

Marina Gardiner Legge, Headmistress, Heathfield School is a force to be reckoned with and is committed to creating strong, confident students with a deep and rich love of learning who aspire to great things.

Marina - an Oxford graduate - took up her post as Head of Heathfield School in 2016 further to a three year stint as Director of Studies where she was tasked with the job of successfully driving up academic standards. 

A passionate supporter of the boarding system and the independence and strength it engenders - having boarded herself from the age of 10 – Marina is filled with drive and commitment to forward the cause of teenagers. 

Jenny eastwood

Jenny Eastwood, Facilitator, The Parent Practice

Jenny was introduced to The Parent Practice in 2010 when she took the Facilitators Course and then joined the team. Jenny runs classes at our Chelsea centre.

She holds a psychology degree from Bristol University and her thesis was in Child Development. Post university Jenny became a corporate finance banker and worked for Barclays and Credit Suisse, firstly in London and then in Hong Kong. She and her husband then spent five years living in Japan. It was when she left work to bring up her four young children that her interest in psychology was reignited and she wanted to make sure that she had the right parenting tool kit to ensure that the children were brought up in a calm but fun household. She and her husband wanted to provide an environment that enabled the children to grow into capable, independent people, with a strong sense of self-worth, a passion for life and an ability to relate well to other people.

Jenny follows the latest child development research closely, reads extensively and attends many parenting related courses. She has a particular interest in individual personality traits and how certain characteristics can be nurtured for lifelong success and happiness, particularly in an environment of high academic pressure.

The full 2019 timetable will be published on Tuesday 8 October.