Independent Schools Show - What’s the most effective way to pay for your children & grandchildren’s education?




Independent education represents a significant financial outlay. Specialists from St James’s Place Wealth Management will give you insight into the help that might be available and tips for managing what can be a 14-year commitment. Whether a grandparent, new parent, high earner or international parent, our experts will aim to help you consider all of your options. 


John Solosy

John Solosy began his career in financial services in the City of London prior to looking for a little excitement and joining the British Army. John attended Sandhurst and after 10 years and having achieved the rank of Major he had a family of his own and decided to re-embark on a career as a Financial Advisor. John is a Chartered Financial Planner specialising in intergenerational wealth planning and tax efficient school fees planning. 

Paul Jones

Paul Jones gained an interest in financial services whilst as a professional international rugby player having observed the financial pitfalls of incapacity due to injury. As a financial adviser, his early career specialised in wealth management for medical and dental professionals, and this over time has developed into helping high earning parents plan and pay for their children's education. 

Hear from the sector’s brightest thinkers in our two 200-seat theatres, discussing the trends and choices that will affect your child’s future.
In 2018 there will be two theatres running concurrently:  The Sunday Times Education Theatre,   The London Parents Forum. 

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