London Parents Forum

The value of assessing your child

5 April 2022, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Further information:

Many London schools use rigorous academic tests to choose their pupils. When choosing schools, parents need to consider how their child will perform in these tests. This session focuses on the information that parents can gather alongside school reports.

We are joined by Gemma Ackerley from Atom Learning and Bonas MacFarlane's Educational Psychologist, Desmond O'Connor, to discuss the value of academic assessments for parents.

Atom Learning has produced an online ‘Baseline Assessment Test’, designed to support your child's journey towards the 11+/13+ exams. The test is FREE for the children of families attending the Summer Fair.

In the second half of this parent forum we will be talking parents through the test:

  • how to register for the test,
  • how to administer the test,
  • how to collect the results at the Show,
  • how to interpret and make use of the results.

This Parents Forum will help parents to better understand their child’s academic potential and make better predictions about how their child will perform in 11+ and 13+ entrance assessments.

Our Panel

Desmond O'Connor
Educational Psychologist
Bonas MacFarlane / O'Connor Assessment
Gemma Ackerley
Head of Customer Success
Atom Learning