London Parents Forum

Support your child's home learning - Part 1

26 January 2021, 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

For this Parents Forum we were delighted to welcome three home education experts from Bonas MacFarlane. 

After a short presentation on the latest research into the psychology of learning, Harry Cobb, James Bonas and James Frome answered parents' questions. Their invaluable tips and strategies are based on years of teaching experience in the classroom and home.

They stressed the importance of encouraging growth mindsets, agreeing and then maintaining routines, and building your child's confidence as an independent learner.

Topics Covered:

  • Structure & Tips, 
  • Support & Resource opportunities
  • After school activities

Part 2 next week is designed to help parents who feel their child is struggling with lockdown learning. Register now to book your place.


Our Panel

Harry Cobb
Bonas MacFarlane
James Bonas
Lead Assessor
Bonas MacFarlane
James Frome
Bonas MacFarlane