London Parents Forum

Preparing your child to thrive at Boarding School

18 May 2021, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Further information:

Boarding schools offer a unique, life-changing, educational opportunity, but going to boarding school is a big step which can seem daunting for children and their parents. 

This Parents Forum looks at how to prepare your child for boarding, helping with the transition from living at home to living at school and enjoying all the opportunities boarding has to offer.

Our panel will offer advice and helpful tips to help get your child off to a good start. Topics covered:

  • Boarding explained - what it means and the options
  • What preparation and support can you give?
  • School support and pastoral care
  • What to expect in the first year

For this panel we have brought together a hugely experienced panel, who collectively have introduced hundreds of children to boarding:

  • Liz Hutchings, Head of Boarding, Junior King’s School, Canterbury
  • Augusta Faulkner, Joint Head of Boarding, The Dragon School, Oxford
  • Paul Curran, Deputy Head Pastoral, St Edmund's College
  • Harry Cobb, Director, Bonas MacFarlane

This will be a Q&A with plenty of opportunities to get your questions about boarding answered.

Our Panel

Harry Cobb
Bonas MacFarlane
Augusta Faulkner
Joint Head of Boarding
Dragon School
Paul Curran
Deputy Head Pastoral
St Edmund's College & Prep School
Liz Hutchings
Deputy Head (Pastoral) & Head of Boarding
Junior King’s School, Canterbury