London Parents Forum

Preparing for competitive entry schools

22 June 2021, 02:30 PM - 02:55 PM

A leading prep school and senior school discuss the kinds of children who thrive in highly academic schools.

Cottesmore prepares pupils for the UK's most academic senior schools; St Paul's is one of the most academically challenging schools to enter. Seeing the issues from both sides, our distinguished panel will discuss topics such as:

  • the kinds of children who thrive in highly academic schools, and the kinds that do not;
  • how to reduce the stress of taking competitive exams;
  • success rates;
  • what backup plans should you make?
  • should you aim for a scholarship?
  • what specialist preparation is needed?
  • is academic performance the only entry criteria?
  • are special needs a barrier to top schools?


Our Panel

Dr Andy Mayfield
Director of Admissions
St Paul's School
Tom Rogerson
Cottesmore School
Ed Vaizey
House of Lords