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Moving from a state primary

10 May 2022, 04:45 PM - 05:30 PM

David Goodhew, Head, Latymer Upper School, Dr Frances Ramsey, Head, Godolphin and Latymer School and Grace Moody-Stuart, Director, The Good Schools Guide will be discussing how pupils move from a state primary to the independent sector.

Topics discussed will include

A School perspectives 

  1. How focused are your schools on recruitment from state schools?  
  2. How do independent schools gain from state school recruitment?
  3. Is ‘need’ a component from the school’s perspective, or is state school recruitment just recognition that lots of parents these days choose local primaries for their child’s first school 
  4. Is broadening recruitment about league tables (recreating direct grant )?
  5. Do many move from state at 16+? 
  6. does your staff reflect the student body? how diverse are both?

B The wider perspective

  1. Why should parents consider moving their child from the state system? 
  2. Are more parents moving between the systems? Is this a London trend? Or national? Specific to particular parts of London?
  3. What about 13+ entry? how do you move from primary to a 13+ entry senior school? Via a boarding prep? Or are there other routes?

C How to:

  1. Assessing state school educated applicants
    • preparing your child - do you have to tutor madly? do schools give leeway to children not prepared at preps?
    • Do head from state schools write reports? If not how do you allow for that?
    • Do you interview differently?
  1. Recruitment
    • how do independent schools recruit from the state sector? eg outreach programmes to broaden access? how is effectiveness measured?
    • do state school parents understand the wide variety of admissions procedures / deadlines ? 
  1. Managing the transition
    • How important are curriculum differences between primaries and preps - will state school children need to catch up? Is the pace v different?
    • what about length of school day, range of activities etc - any difficulties adjusting?
    • do you run taster days/ summer schools / camps to ease transition? 
    • (for Grace) what about preparing for boarding?

There will be an extended Q&A at the end of this session.

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Our Panel

Grace Moody-Stuart
The Good Schools Guide
Dr Frances Ramsey
Godolphin and Latymer School
David Goodhew
Latymer Upper School