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INTO British Boarding | Full family relocations

16 November 2021, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

At this Parents Forum webinar we meet a group of international boarders and then discuss what parents need to consider if they plan to relocate their families to the UK. 

In the first half of this session we will be meeting teenagers from Dubai and Hong Kong who are currently attending top UK schools. In a live link-up we will talk to them about why they chose to attend these schools, how they settled in, and how they are supported by their families.

In the second half we turn to practical arrangements. 

Experts from Barratt London and Charles Russell Speechlys discuss property investments and the visa, legal and tax arrangements you should consider when relocating your family to the UK.

Kelvin Tanner, a partner at the London law firm Charles Russell Speechlys, will give a short presentation on the immigration route for students in the UK and some alternative options where their family will also be moving or seeking to spend time with them in the UK.

In September we also considered this topic, looking at what's involved in boarding when home is a long distance away.

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