The talks programme celebrated its 15th year with a NEW 'in conversation' format, chaired by Ed Vaizey


Getting your child into the school that matches their needs.

SEN: from getting a diagnosis to choosing the right school

Busting the myths of the independent schools admissions process

How to manage the intense competition at 11+

  • Catriona Sutherland-Hawes, Director of Admissions, Wycombe Abbey
  • Bridget Saul, Headteacher, Cameron Vale School
  • Will Petty, Director, Bonas MacFarlane


Expert advice on school fee planning and bursaries.

How to pay for your children & grandchildren’s education

Whether a grandparent, new parent, high earner or international parent, experts from Brewin Dolphin help you consider all of your options.

How to apply for bursaries and scholarships

The Good Schools Guide's Camilla Smiley is a specialist in scholarship and bursary provision in independents schools, tackling the issues of affordability and value and how to access the considerable financial assistance. Dr Anthony Wallersteiner talks about Stowe's Change 100 initiative to provide 100 free places in the school at all times.


Relocate, board or stay in London? Would a change be right for your family or your child?

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

A city or country childhood? Our panel of parents brings together families who have relocated from London or decided to stay put. They are joined by Hero Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Muddy Stilettos and relocation guru. The panel discuss the thinking behind each family's choices to help you decide where your's would thrive best.

Change is good? How to identify if a school move would help your child

The boarding advantage


How do you future-proof the choices you make now?

What's next for your child? How senior schools see the future

How will independent schools face the challenges of issues such as climate change, affordability, contextual admissions?

How to choose a school for your child

There are hundreds of schools to look at, so how do you find the right one for your child? Barnaby Lenon, Chairman of the Independent Schools Council.

The impact of school groups on UK education

What are the benefits to pupils when their schools are bought and consolidated into groups. Is group ownership, particularly of smaller schools, going to be increasingly common?

Find the right school for your child

Choosing the right school for your child is always tricky, but in the state system the choice is restricted by catchment area rules. In the independent system the choice is much broader. Leading heads discuss how you match child to school.