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Who thrives in a highly academic London school?

10 May 2022, 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

Who thrives in an highly academic London school like St Pauls' or Putney High? And how do I know if my child is a potential scholar? 

Putney High School & St Paul's introduce their schools and their pupils .

Topics tackled will include:

    • what are the biggest misconceptions outsiders have about your schools?
    • how fast-paced is it?
    • how broad is the curriculum
    • how competitive is it day-to-day? 
    • the kinds of children who thrive in highly academic schools, and the kinds that do not 
    • what if your child has specific needs (educational & other)
    • how would I know whether my child should aim for a scholarship?
    • by what age will my I really know whether this route is suitable for my child?
    • how to reduce the stress of taking competitive entry exams

There will be time for audience questions, and afterwards you can meet both speakers over coffee at the London Schools Reception.

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Our Panel

Dr Andy Mayfield
Director of Admissions
St Paul's School
Suzie Longstaff
Putney High School GDST