London Parents Forum

Town v Country, Co-Ed options

22 June 2021, 05:00 PM - 05:30 PM

In conversation - the heads of Latymer Upper School and Sevenoaks will help you decide whether your child would thrive better in London or out of the city.

Post-lockdown many London families are reconsidering whether a city or country school would best suit their child. 

Heads of two of the UK's leading co-ed' schools discuss how their schools' locations impact on their pupils' education. Based in Hammersmith, Latymer Upper School is one of London's most pre-eminent schools. Sevenoaks is one of the UK's leading boarding schools.

London has some of the world’s most academic independent schools, and children growing up in the capital enjoy extraordinary access to the city’s rich cultural diversity. But outside the city, there are independent schools with acres of space, superb facilities, extended days and offering all the holistic benefits of residential education.

  • What do day pupils do after school? 
  • Do country boarders miss London?
  • Who has more freedom, boarders or day pupils?
  • How diverse is the school?
  • How does the choice of boarding or day school impact on relations with your parents?
  • Are city children more likely to encounter troubling situations? 
  • Who has more time for activities / friends?
  • How important are first class facilities?
  • Do London schools make good use of the city? Do country schools make use of the country?


Our Panel

David Goodhew
Latymer Upper School
Jesse R Elzinga
Sevenoaks School
Ed Vaizey
House of Lords