London Parents Forum

The great outdoors - learning outside the classroom

27 April 2021, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Further information:

The outdoors is the ultimate enabling environment. It is full of resources for open-ended play, adventure training and learning, providing huge benefits for children. In this Parent Forum we explore the educational opportunities of outdoor learning with Gordonstoun, Camp Bonas and Liberty Woodlands School. 

The benefits of outdoor learning are ever-present with reports showing it reduces children's stress and improves moods, boosts concentration and engagement at school, improves problem solving and negotiation risks - the list is endless.

However, within the UK many children do not get enough opportunities to learn outside. Following a year of lockdown and the influence of screens and social media, children are less encouraged to leave their home for information, enjoyment or adventure. 

In this Parent Forum we discuss what the opportunities are for your child to experience the great outdoors and develop a wealth of skills that they can bring back into the classroom and apply to everyday life. 

Topics Covered include:

  • Forest Schools
  • Holiday Camps
  • School Outdoor Education Programmes

Our Panel

Harry Cobb
Bonas MacFarlane
Richard Devey
Head of Senior School
Leanna Barrett
Head of School & Founder
Liberty Woodland School