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Where education gets inspired!

A good education is than just a classroom setting and passing exams. Education is about helping students build strong foundations of knowledge and fostering their confidence as academics and as individuals.

Inspiration Education is an educational agency offering expert guidance and support for students and their families. We are uniquely positioned to support students of all ages and help them succeed in their academic realms through our one-on-one tutoring services. With hand-picked tutors, in-house made materials and a state of the art online platform, IE students receive nothing but the best academic support.

Based on the UK curriculum, each student is provided with customized and tailored lessons that best suit their needs and academic goals. These can range from sitting equivalency exams, preparing for standardized tests, improving their overall academic standing and more.

Families are provided with strategic education planning, as well as continued parental support to ensure the success of the tutoring.

Each session is taught on our specialized tutoring software and monitored by our staff to ensure each lesson provides the best possible learning experience. All classes are taught at a pace suitable to the student and adapted frequently to reflect this.

Our expertise include:

  • Supporting students that wish to take the Pre-Test and other independent school entrance tests;
  • Training students for school interviews and interactive group settings;
  • Preparing students for equivalency exams such as the TOEFL, B2 First and UKiSet;
  • Developing strong foundations in logic based subjects such as Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning;
  • Assisting students in tackling higher level competitions such as the Maths Challenge;
  • Building strong reading foundations through literature focused classes;
  • Providing English support by way of grammar forward lessons and guided explanation.

Some accolades of our students include:

  • Successfully passing the Pre-Test and was subsequently invited to sit the Harrow test;
  • Improved their Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) results by over 20 points;
  • Gained the ability to complete the Swiss high school equivalency thesis bilingually (in German and in English);
  • Student was accepted to their top choice school after passing the B2 First exam.

By focusing on core subjects such as English and Maths, students are able to build strong foundations of knowledge and gain skills that they can apply to various subjects in the future in order to succeed. Academic excellence is not the bar by which IE measures student potential and success, instead the focus is placed on personal merit and individual aspirations that best suit the student. By allowing students to set the pace of the course, there is no such thing as falling behind. With IE there is only forging ahead and learning along the way. 

To ensure this, students receive personalized study materials and class notes, as well as guidance from their subject tutors. Through one-on-one lessons, tutors are able to support students by actively focusing on their educational needs and answering any and all questions that may come up.

Inspiration Education’s patient and proactive tutoring approach produces well rounded students that are able to tackle both academia and the broader world with confidence.

London 2023
Lea Mueller
Exit exams:
13+ Common Entrance & Scholarship
A level
London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9SG

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