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The Sunday Times, founded in 1822, is one of the best-known news brands in the world and the UK’s top-selling quality Sunday paper. It has always been relied upon to challenge, entertain, inspire and inform its readers. 

It celebrated its 200th year edition in October 2022 and has won a clutch of awards for its Insight team investigations unit, its foreign reporting and its magazine features and interviews, in particular. At the latest Press Awards The Sunday Times won Sunday Newspaper of the Year. The Sunday Times Magazine celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. 

Times Media comprises all elements of The Times brand, including The Times, The Sunday Times, Times Radio, an award-winning portfolio of podcasts including Stories of our times and TLS. The Times and Sunday Times currently reach 15.1 million readers a month through print and digital platforms.

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London 2023
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Ben Taylor


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The Sunday Times

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