Free maths study materials worth £128

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Free for all the visitors to this year’s Independent Schools Show, Think Academy is delighted to offer you an exclusive gift - a series of comprehensive maths study materials designed to empower your child's exam readiness.

Tailored for students from Year 1 to Year 11, these expert-designed study materials have been meticulously crafted based on a thorough analysis of independent school exams and GCSE maths papers from the last 15 years. By utilising these materials, you can equip your child with the tools and knowledge they need to unlock their full potential in all maths exams!

Free maths study materials provided by Think Academy include:

  1. 7+/11+ Rapid Calculation Handbook
  2. KS1 Calculation Booster Practice Book
  3. KS2 Calculation Booster Practice Book
  4. Top 10 Must-known Knowledge Points & Solutions in 11+ Maths
  5. Advanced 11+ Maths Exercise Book
  6. ISEB Pre-test Essential Practice Book
  7. 13+ Maths Preparation Package (Past Paper Analysis)
  8. Mastering Top 6 Key Topics in GCSE Maths

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to boost your child's confidence and success in maths learning. Claim your free maths study materials now and get your child ahead in the independent school entrance exams.

To access these materials and set your child on the path to success, simply visit the Think Academy stand at the Show.


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