Bonas MacFarlane Assessment

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The Bonas MacFarlane Assessment is designed to evaluate your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Assessments take place either at the Bonas MacFarlane offices or at home. They can also be conducted through our online platform.


The assessment begins with a brief, informal conversation that follows a carefully constructed mode of enquiry, whilst remaining flexible and responsive. All areas of school life are covered including attitudes to subjects, future education, hobbies, ambitions and aspirations, anxiety or worries surrounding school and relationship to tutoring. The written assessments that follow take approximately two hours. The assessments test specific literacy and numeracy skills, whilst probing the student’s behaviour patterns, attention, distractibility, thinking methods, working memory and receptive/expressive language.

These assessments, which we always interpret alongside school and educational psychologist reports, enable our teams to see where a child stands academically compared with national and international averages. They help us to advise about school and university options, and provide our education team with the information required to prepare a learning programme that is effective, inspiring and suited to a child’s individual needs.

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