Understanding how to navigate the 11+ and 13+ systems is a minefield for many. Ben Thomas, Headmaster of Thomas's, Battersea, will provide you with the complete picture on how to navigate this competitive and occasionally complicated system.

Prep schools will do as they say on the tin - prepare your child for the 11+ or 13+ assessments and advise parents on the senior schools for their child, but it is best to do your homework in addition. For the 11+ assessments you can only register the academic year before entry, however for 13+ entry the process starts 3 years before for some schools. If coming from the state sector some work will need to be done to help to prepare a child for an independent school and the assessments. All of these points and more will be addressed in this talk.

Ben Thomas

Ben has been a prep school headmaster for 21 years. He was educated at Eton College and Durham University, where he read English. He also holds an MA in Education from the Institute of Education. After teaching in Lesotho, Southern Africa, he spent two years working in investment banking before joining Thomas's London Day Schools. Ben is the younger son of David and Joanna Thomas, who founded Thomas's. He has been a Principal since 1995 and Headmaster of Thomas's, Battersea for the last 17 years. Ben is a Governor of St Paul's School, a Fellow of Wellington College, a trustee of the CAIRN Trust and the Katherine Low Settlement and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is married to Katie. They have three teenage children, a son and two daughters.