How important is it for our children to develop and thrive through failure?

With many schools offering formal character development, and an emphasis on 'bouncing back from adversity' in the recently published all-party Character and Resilience Manifesto our experts discuss the role that failure can play in helping children to ultimately succeed.


Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple is author of the acclaimed Spoilt Rotten and new book The Knife Went In: The Decline of the English Murder. He is an expert-witness in murder trials, and a former prison doctor and psychiatrist in Birmingham. He writes for the Times, Guardian, Daily Telegraph and the Spectator and publications in Australia and the USA. He has worked as a doctor on four continents, and on his return to the UK worked first in East London and later inner-city Birmingham, where he met with many more murderers than TV series sleuths or even many fellow criminal experts.

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