In the independent system 11+ is the traditional starting point for girls at senior school, as well as an entry point for some boys and co-educational senior schools. 13+ is the traditional starting point for boys' senior schools and many co-educational schools.

Parents looking for the right senior school face complex choices. London schools are all highly competitive; outside London requirements vary enormously. How do you decide the type of education that is right for your child? 

The ultimate forum for parents:

  • Meet the country's leading senior schools, all under one roof;
  • Meet school admission teams;
  • Find the school that suits your child's needs;
  • Learn about entrance requirements, scholarships and bursaries;
  • Hear talks by the country's leading educationalists and the UK's top heads;
  • Hear admissions advice from top university consultants.

The Definitive Word on Independent Education

Hear from the brightest thinkers and most respected Heads at the renowned Education Theatre. Below you can watch some of last year's talks to get a flavour of the high quality advice available at the Show.

Questions parents come to the show to get answered:

  • What should I look for when choosing a school?
  • Is my child likely to meet the standards required to pass 11+/13+ entry tests in London, and is tutoring now essential?
  • We think that a boarding senior school would better suit our child than a London day school. Should we be boarding our child at a prep school beforehand? 
  • What are the pros and cons of single-sex and co-educational schools?
  • Should I consider moving to be near a school outside London? An enormous number of schools are within easy reach of London. How do we choose?
  • I am considering a blend of the state and independent systems. How do I get my child into an independent senior school from a state primary school?
  • How do I find out about the scholarships and bursaries that are available?
  • The pressures on teenagers can be enormous, how do we ensure that our child stays healthy, safe and sane?

The Independent Schools Show has helped thousands of students and their parents answer these kinds of questions.

2017 Show

Saturday 11 November 2017
Sunday 12 November 2017

Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park,
London, SW11 4NJ



Key Talks

The Education Theatre answers the burning questions and informs parents about independent education. Don’t miss the key sessions for this age group:

November 12, 2016

10:15 How to decipher senior school entrance

Understanding how to navigate the 11+ and 13+ systems is a minefield for many. Ben Thomas, Headmaster of Thomas's, Battersea, will provide you with the complete picture on how to navigate this competitive and occasionally complicated system.
November 13, 2016

12:50 How to access scholarships and bursaries

With rising school fees, scholarships and bursaries provide a lifeline for many parents. But with each school having it's own requirements the choices can be confusing. Susan Hamlyn, Director of The Good Schools Guide Education Consultants, and Ben Nicholls, Director of Social Responsibility & PSHE at Charterhouse, will unravel the options.
November 12, 2016

13:15 How to decipher the great co-ed debate

With so many top London schools being single sex, the pros and cons of co-ed is one of the most debated subjects in education. Tatler Head of the Year, Sarah Thomas, of Bryanston (co-ed), and Elizabeth Hewer, Head of St George's (single sex), will guide you through the key considerations to help you choose what is right for your son and daughter.
November 13, 2016

13:45 Action for Happiness

Sir Anthony Seldon discusses new learning techniques and ways to measure outcomes. How do parents know if their children are happy and content and what should the best schools and teachers be doing to examine their value-add. 
November 12, 2016

14:00 How to choose the right school for your child

Every child is different so there's no one-size fits all answer when it comes to selecting the right school. However, choosing a school doesn't need to be a headache and Barnaby Lenon, Chairman of the Independent Schools Council, will help steer you on how to make the right decision.
November 13, 2016

14:45 How to improve your chances of success

William Petty Director of Tuition at Bonas MacFarlane Education and Lucy Elphinstone, Headmistress of Francis Holland School Sloane Square, examine what role tutoring can play and how to identify what's right for your child.
November 12, 2016

15:00 Your changing child... providing support, learning to cope and nurturing achievement

Dr. Sarah Wynick, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, & Laverne Antrobus, Consultant Child and Educational Psychologist, discuss providing support for your changing child, learning to cope and nurturing achievement.

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